RRFM 2017

14 - 18 May 2017 in Rotterdam, Netherlands



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RRFM2017-A0001 Sustainable Operations In Nuclear Research Reactors - A Bibliographical Study
RRFM2017-A0003 Ageing Management Of Pakistan Research Reactor-1(PARR-1)
RRFM2017-A0005Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis Of Loss Of Flow Accident In The Iaea 10 Mw Mtr Research Reactor
RRFM2017-A0006Jules Horowitz Reactor: Preparation Of The Commissioning Phase And Normal Operation
RRFM2017-A0008Study Of Thermomechanical Treatment For Manufacturing Ualx/Al Dispersion Targets
RRFM2017-A0009Swap Experiments On Control Rods And Beryllium Reflector Elements At Hor.
RRFM2017-A0014Improvements In The Determination Of Reactivity Coefficients Of Parr-1 Research Reactor
RRFM2017-A0015Serpent-2 Reactor Model Validation At The Vienna Triga Mark Ii Reactor
RRFM2017-A0019Use Of A Deep And Narrow Pool To Store Spent Fuel
RRFM2017-A0021 Post-Conversion Activities: Standardization Of Methodologies For Optimal And Effective Utilization Of MNSR Facilities For NAA
RRFM2017-A0022Euratom Achievements And Challenges In Facilitating Pan-European Infrastructure Collaborative Efforts
RRFM2017-A0023Pc Based Research Reactor Simulator
RRFM2017-A0026Coatings To Protect Spent Aluminium-Clad Research Reactor Fuel During Extended Wet Storage
RRFM2017-A0028Modelling And Calculations Of Critical Core Configurations Of The Anna Zero-Power Reactor In KENOVI/SCALE
RRFM2017-A0030On The Scientific Utilisation Of Low Power Research Reactors
RRFM2017-A0031The Decommissioning Of A PWR Experimental Facility During The Refurbishment Of The BR2 Research Reactor
RRFM2017-A0032The Restart Of The Br2 Reactor After Its Third Refurbishment
RRFM2017-A0033Molybdenum Behaviour During U-Al Research Reactor Spent Fuel Dissolution
RRFM2017-A0035KJRR Fuel(U-7Mo Dispersion) Qualification On-Going Status
RRFM2017-A0036FRM Ii Converter Facility: Major Maintenance And Fuel Exchange
RRFM2017-A0038Re-Imagined Emergency Plan Development And Training For Research Reactors
RRFM2017-A0039Coupling Of Neutronics And Optimization Codes For Research Reactor Operational Parameters
RRFM2017-A0040Utilizing Research Reactor Simulators For Reactor Operator Training
RRFM2017-A0041University Of Utah Research Reactor Waste Management
RRFM2017-A0042Pre-Decommissioning Of L-54M Research Reactor: Radiological Pre-Characterisation Of Structures, Systems And Components
RRFM2017-A0043Increasing The Neutron Flux Density Of Epithermal Beam By Optimize Side Beryllium Reflector
RRFM2017-A0044Reprocessing Of Research Reactor Spent Fuel And Management Of The Arising Waste
RRFM2017-A0045Research Reactor Silicide Fuel Reprocessing At Areva La Hague
RRFM2017-A0046CESAR5.3: Isotopic Depletion For Research And Testing Reactor Decommissioning
RRFM2017-A0047Improved On-Line Fuel Management Methodology For The Test Pebble Bed High Temperature Reactor
RRFM2017-A0048Maximum Power For A Self-Controlled Low Power Reactor
RRFM2017-A0049Activation Analysis Of Decomissioning Operations For Research Reactor
RRFM2017-A0051Progress In High Dpa Irradiation Testing At HANARO
RRFM2017-A0053Implementation Of Safeguards And Security Of Nuclear Materials
RRFM2017-A0055Measuring The Axial Profile Of Spent Nuclear Fuel Burn-Up By Spontaneous-Fission-Neutrons
RRFM2017-A0056Safety Analysis And Environmental Impact Assessment For Foton RTC Decommissioning
RRFM2017-A0057Large Object Irradiation Facility In The Tangential Channel Of The JSI TRIGA Reactor
RRFM2017-A0058Integral Benchmarking At LR-0 Reactor
RRFM2017-A0059Nuclear And Radiation Safety Analysis Of Discharge, Temporary Storage And Preparation Iin-3M Rr Lsnf For Transportation To Reprocessing
RRFM2017-A0060OPAL, From Idea To Reality
RRFM2017-A0061 FRM II: Replacement Of Thimbles Made From AlMg3 (EN AW-5754) Forming A Barrier Between Heavy And Light Water After Detection Of Corrosion
RRFM2017-A0062Educational Programmes In MARIA Reactor.
RRFM2017-A0064High Precision Neutronic Calculations For Transient Simulations For FRM II
RRFM2017-A0065Beryllium Poisoning Model For Research Reactors
RRFM2017-A0066Gamma Irradiation In The JSI TRIGA Reactor
RRFM2017-A0067Commissioning Tests Of The New Neutron Radiography Facility At The LVR-15 Reactor
RRFM2017-A0069A Multi-Physics Analysis For The Actuation Of The SSS In OPAL Reactor
RRFM2017-A0070Benchmark Experiments On The Criticality Of The Hexagonal Lattice With 21% Enriched Uranium Fuel RODS And The Boron Absorber RODS In Water
RRFM2017-A0072Alternative Options For The Transport And Intermediate Storage Of Spent Nuclear Fuel From The Finnish TRIGA Reactor FiR 1 To The Domestic Final Repository Of Posiva
RRFM2017-A0073Finnish Experience In Safe Shutdown And Decommissioning Licensing Of The FiR 1 TRIGA Research Reactor
RRFM2017-A0078The OYSTER Experience Reinventing Our National Research Reactor Infrastructure
RRFM2017-A0080Neutronic Uncertainties Analysis In OPAL Reactor
RRFM2017-A0085Modeling Of The Integrity Of ZrN-Coated U-Mo/Al Dispersion Fuel During Fabrication
RRFM2017-A0088International Research Center Based On The Multipurpose Sodium Fast Research Reactor MBIR
RRFM2017-A0091DIVA: Dutch Isotope Valley
RRFM2017-A0092Status And Future Plans Of HANARO Research Reactor
RRFM2017-A0093SM Reactor Core Modernization Program
RRFM2017-A0094SM Reactor Characteristics After Core Modernization
RRFM2017-A0096Reflector Features And Physics Consideration Of The Jules Horowitz Reactor
RRFM2017-A0098Dart-2D - A Fuel Performance Code For Full-Size U-Mo Dispersion Fuel Simulation
RRFM2017-A0099PALLAS-Reactor Design
RRFM2017-A0101Effect Of Recrystallization On Intergranular Bubble Swelling In Irradiated U-Mo
RRFM2017-A0103Realising The PALLAS-Reactor, Status Update Of The Project
RRFM2017-A0104Sustainable Management Of Australian Research Reactor Spent Fuel
RRFM2017-A0109Licensing The PALLAS-Reactor, Compliance To Dutch Safety Requirements By Ensuring The Design And Licensing Interface
RRFM2017-A0110U.S. High Performance Research Reactor Conversion Program: An Overview On Element Design
RRFM2017-A0112 The FENOSOL™ Phenolic Foam: A Robust Solution For Nuclear-Grade Shock Absorbers
RRFM2017-A0113Advanced Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics Models For The High Flux Isotope Reactor
RRFM2017-A0115Conversion Of The Ghana'S Miniature Neutron Source Reactor From HEU To LEU
RRFM2017-A0117Conversion Of Kuca Dry Cores With The Use Of Dispersed U7Mo Fuel
RRFM2017-A0119Decommissioning CONSORT - Control Rod Removal
RRFM2017-A0125Optimizing PALLAS Reactor Utilisation To Support An Economically Viable Business Case
RRFM2017-A0126Theoretical Research Of Weak Neutron Source Induced Bursts In Fast Neutron Reactor
RRFM2017-A0127Advanced Decommissioning Costing Calculation Tools For Pilot Vienna TRIGA MARK-II Research Reactor