RRFM 2009

22 -25 March 2009, Vienna, Austria

Technical Visits

RRFM participants can choose one of the two following technical tours:

Please note that the technical tours are already fully booked

  • TRIGA Mark II reactor at the Atominstitut of the Technical University Vienna

    The 250 kW TRIGA Mark-II reactor operates since March 1962 at the Atominstitut. Operation of the reactor since that time has averaged 220 days per year without any long outages. The main tasks of the TRIGA-reactor are nuclear education and training in the fields of neutron- and solid state physics, nuclear technology, reactor safety, radiochemistry, radiation protection and dosimetry, and low temperature physics and fusion research system detector.

    For more information on the Atomic Institute and its TRIGA Mark II reactor please see www.ati.ac.at

    TRIGA Mark II reactor

  • Zwentendorf NPP

    The Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf is located at the bank of the Danube River, about 30 km northwest of Vienna. The plant was intended to be the first of six Austrian nuclear plants. It is a boiling water reactor rated at 730 MWe. The construction began in 1971 and was completed in 1978 but it never went into operation as its start-up was prevented by a public vote. Today the plant serves as a spare part donor for identically constructed power stations.


Both technical tours will take place on Wednesday, 25 March in the afternoon


The two technical tours are included in the registration fee.

The maximum size of each group is limited and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please fill in the appropriate section of the registration form and the required information for the security check.


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