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RRFM/IGORR 2007 conference took place, in Lyon, from 12-14 March. For the first time, RRFM (Research Reactor Fuel Management) - the European Nuclear Society’s (ENS) well-established annual event – “joined forces” with the IGORR (International Group Operating Research Reactors) conference to offer engineers and specialised nuclear researchers the chance to focus on the latest technological developments in the field of nuclear research reactors.

RRFM 2007  Participants

The new format joint conference, which exploited perfectly the synergy that exists between the RRFM and IGORR events, brought together more than 260 experts from 38 countries across the world.

The conference programme revolved around a series of Plenary Sessions dedicated to the latest global developments with regards to research reactor technology and management systems, parallel sessions that focused on specific research projects and initiatives and a technical tour programme that took in the CERCA NPP, at Romans, and the Institut Laue Langevin, in Grenoble.

Among the RRFM/IGORR 2007 programme highlights were the following sessions that illustrated the global nature of current research in this field: the OPAL research reactor developed in Australia; the construction of the new Jules Horowitz research reactor (JHR) that has begun at Cadarache (France); the international ILL programme that focuses on the transformation of the Tajoura nuclear reactor in Libya into a regional hub for civil nuclear research and the Chinese research reactor, CARR.

If you need more information on RRFM/IGORR2007 visit the ENS website at: www.rrfm2007.org