At the location of the Nuclear Power Plant Greifswald near Lubmin, five pressurized water reactors of Soviet design with an electric power of 440 MW each were in operation from 1973 to mid-1990:

  • KGR-1: 3rd Dec. 1973 to 18th Dec. 1990, generated electrical energy: 41 TWh,

  • KGR-2: 2nd Dec. 1974 to 14th Feb. 1990, generated electrical energy: 40 TWh,

  • KGR-3: 6th Oct. 1977 to 8th Feb. 1990, generated electrical energy: 36 TWh,

  • KGR-4: 22nd Jul. 1979 to 2nd Jun. 1990, generated electrical energy: 32 TWh,

  • KGR-5: 26th Mar.1989 to 29th Nov. 1989, trial operation.

In 1990 three further units of the same power were in operation. Due to the safety deficit compared to western standards the reactors 1 to 5 were shut down in 1990 and the construction of the units 6 to 8 was suspended. The decommissioning work for the plant has started end of June 1995.









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