PIME 2008 - Defining tomorrow's vision of nuclear energy

10 - 13 February 2008, Prague, Czech Republic


PIME 2008: Meeting communications challenges, old and new

Beautiful Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, played host to PIME 2008. This annual event, which was organised by ENS with the collaboration of FORATOM, is a flagship ENS conference. It is the only conference of its kind designed especially for communicators in the nuclear industry and research communities. A total of around 190 people from 30 countries across the five continents participated in PIME 2008, emphasising its increasingly global reach and relevance.

The programme revolved around a series of plenary sessions and interactive workshops. Among the key topics on the PIME debating table were communicating science, the perception and communication of risk, internal communications, education and training, new tools, crisis communications and a look at how other industries have communicated successfully where perhaps our industry has failed.

The nuclear revival, which has gathered steam in a number of countries has energised the nuclear community and the opportunities it brings for has put the onus on results-oriented impact communications. This increased sense of enthusiasm and purpose was evident in the participative nature of the debate and the interplay between the speakers and the delegates.

Here is a summary of some of the feedback that participants in PIME 2008 gave on this year’s conference:

The plenary session on Communicating Science was very much appreciated, with “good speakers” and a “good format”. It “fitted in well with the Plenary Session on Risk Communication.”

“The workshop on Internal Communications did a very good job of involving the participants.”

“The session on Risk Communications was very good. The professional trainer that presented it was a very good communicator and he used a very practical approach.”

“This year’s new PIME Award used a good approach. The voting by Pimers was much appreciated.”

“There should be even more time for group discussions and less for presentations.”

The social events, conference venue and online registration also received very favourable mentions.

Click on the following links for more details on the programme, for copies of the presentations (only available to participants) and information regarding the winner of the PIME 2008 Award for Communications Excellence.

PIME 2008 was organised in cooperation with

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency