European Nuclear Society
e-news Issue 50 Autumn 2016

The Three Crises: EEE
(Energy, Economy and Ecology)

Giuseppe Quartieri, IUSR


Economic and policy aspects

Energy is one or the main emergency of the European Community even if Europe itself continues to appear being in middle of an economic, ecology and political crisis that produces apparently a lack of reciprocal helps, friendship, equity and fair play among Member States. New approach to European Member State sovranity has begun to be a problem for some of them such as France, Italy and generally south European Countries. The Europe of the bureaucracy is not the Europe of the people. Two main offices must be reduced to just one: Brussels, otherwise European people waste too much money and too much bureaucracy is used. In no way, for no reasons European people have to accept German Leadership, even Angela Merkel leadership. In the meantime, the English position toward Europe appears a little bit funny: they do not belong to Euro European Community, but, it seems, they want to influence and condition its behaviour. English never change!! One “Good Point” for Europe should be, as a minimum, to delete the English language from the European approved ones, at least until UK would execute the forecast referendum for remaining or not in Europe.

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