About the ENC 2002


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Like other major international events - the World Cup and the Olympics - the European Nuclear Conference (ENC), takes place only once every four years. In many ways, ENC is the nuclear industry's own "Olympiad". The first European nuclear conference was organised in Paris in 1975, with the addition of trade fairs from 1986. ENC is now firmly established as a major nuclear science and industry conference of a truly global dimension.

Who's coming?

ENC brings together scientists, academics, chief executives and all the major players from both the European and world's nuclear utilities, as well as from politics, along with representatives of the industry and associated fields of interest from around the globe. It is an ideal 'one-stop shop' to network and bring yourself up-to-speed on what's happening now on the nuclear energy scene from different perspectives - technical, commercial and political.


With recent positive developments for nuclear in Europe and the US and continued progress in Asia, the outlook for the nuclear industry is perhaps somewhat brighter now than it has been for many years. So why not tap into this new buoyant mood at ENC 2002?

What's new in nuclear?

The ENC Industrial Exhibition has been firmly established for well over a decade as the only major nuclear science and industry exhibition of truly global dimensions. In addition to the usual, successful combination of scientific and technical sessions and supplier seminars, an extra dimension has been added to this year's conference.

Debate on the future of nuclear energy…

Due to the revived debate about nuclear, a European Energy Event is being organised by the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM), and will take the form of a wide-ranging debate on nuclear in the context of energy consumption, sustainable development, security of supply, safety and deregulation. Hopefully, this event will become an element in the ENC series, aimed to interest both politicians and public alike.








11 - 15 March 2018
Munich, Germany


30 September - 04 October 2018
Prague, Czech Republic