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TRIGA Reactor in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Jožef Stefan Institute

At the Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) is one 250 kW TRIGA Mark II research reactor used mainly for training and research purposes. Please see reactor webpage www.rcp.ijs.si/ric/index-a.htm for details. Reactor TRIGA Mark II in Slovenia was built by J. Stefan Institute in 1966. The reactor was delivered by GA, the reactor tank and body were built by Slovenian companies. In 1991 it was reconstructed and equipped for pulse operation. The reactor has accumulated 35 years of continuous operation without any failure of major equipment or any event violating safety standards.

The training courses at JSI are commonly organized by the Nuclear training centre, which has long-term experience with education about nuclear technologies and radiation protection. More information can be found on the centre's webpage: www.icjt.org/an/what/what.htm. The list of training course provided by the training centre can be found on: www.icjt.org/an/what/tecaji/tecaji.htm