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General information

The Swedish Higher Education System

Higher education in Sweden is divided into three levels – basic level, advanced level and doctoral level. All higher education is offered in the form of courses. Students can apply to get admission to a single subject course or to a degree programme which is a package of courses that leads towards a degree. Sweden has a system of credits; a normal 40-week academic year corresponds to 60 credits. The system is compatible with ECTS credits. As of the academic year 2007/2008 Sweden has adopted the new higher education degree structure and other reforms in line with the current European-wide Bologna process, two parallel system exist at the Swedish university.

Two parallel system:

Civiligenjör – 4.5 year
Bachelor (Kandidat) – 3 years
Masters (Magister) – 2 or more years

At the Chalmers University of Technology the civilingenjör degree is equivalent to Master degree.

At the Royal Institute of Technology and at the Uppsala University the civilingenjör degree and Master have parallel tracks.