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General Information

General information:

Polish education system with the diagram

The academic year

The academic year is divided into two parts: the fall semester (October-mid February), and the spring semester (mid February-June). Each of them ends with the examination period. Teaching is given in the form of lectures, classes, seminars, laboratory classes and discussion groups.

The academic degrees

The polish universities offer two types of studies. One is organized according to the Bologna process and other is the combined 5-6 years long uniform Master’s deg ree.
In the first option the students have three cycles of study:

I Cycle – Bachelor Obtained following the completion of 3-3,5 year-long vocational/technical college studies

II Cycle – Master Equivalent degrees: Master of Art, Master Engineer, Master Engineer Architect, qualified physician, dental surgeon or veterinarian. The MSc obtained following the completion of 2-2,5 years-long supplementary master's degree studies which may be taken by persons with a college diploma.

III Cycle – PhD (3 years), a degree awarded to those who pass doctoral exam and successfully defend dissertation. To qualify for the academic degree of doctor one must hold a master or equivalent degree.

The system allows students a greater mobility (helps make studies at various universities or in different directions) and facilitates work after I Cycle and then return to the University and continue their studies II and III degree.

Some of the universities introduced the diploma supplement, which is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context, contest and status of the accomplished studies, information on the learning outcomes.


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