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Thanks to the considerable experience it has acquired in the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology, SCK•CEN has achieved a reputation for being an outstanding centre of research, training and education. Its activities are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Guidance for young researchers in the preparation of their thesis

  • Coordination and organisation of training and education programmes

  • Policy support with regards to applied education and training on a national and international level

  • Research into the trans-disciplinary aspects of education and training


Career at SCK·CEN

SCK•CEN: behind these six capitals, more than 600 dedicated people advance the peaceful, sustainable, medical and industrial applications of nuclear nuclear science and technology.

Career at SCK·CEN

Offers of:

  • Apprenticeships

  • Bachelor or Master thesis

  • PhD and post-doc research More

apprenticship at SCK.CEN

10 years of experience with nuclear education in the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network

The ENETRAP II training schemes for radiation protection experts and officers in Europe

Education and training in radiation protection in Europe

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