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General Information

General information

The following link presents an overview with the institutions types and the structure of the higher education system in Austria. After the universities reform 2002 in Republic of Austria the universities remain State institutions and the State continues to finance them:


The academic year

The academic year is divided into two semesters. Start of the academic year is 1 October and end of the academic year is 30 September. Source

Academic degrees

Since the introduction of the new curricula in the winter semester of 2002/2003, two different systems have been co-existing at the Austrian Universities : in some fields the two-tier system comprising a Diploma programme and a Doctoral/PhD programme was maintained, in other fields the new three-tier system comprising a Bachelor programme, a Master programme and a Doctoral/PhD programme was introduced. The Master programmes and the Doctoral/PhD programmes are optional.

Diploma programmes offer a scientific grounding for future challenges in employment. They comprise two or three stages of study, last at least eight to ten semesters and lead to an Austrian Master’s degree.

Bachelor programmes have a practical approach and comprise six semesters leading to a Bachelor's degree (short: B) or an Austrian Bachelor’s degree (Bakkalaureus/Bakkalaurea, short: Bakk.).

This can be followed by a Master programme with a deeper scientific approach, which comprises four semesters and leads to a Master’s degree (short: M) or an Austrian Master's degree (Magister/Magistra)

After having successfully completed a Diploma or Master programme, the sudent can continue with a Doctoral/PhD programme. All Doctoral/PhD programmes comprise six semesters and lead according to the subject field of the dissertation to a Doctoral or a PhD degree. The degree obtained after completion of any programme is fixed in the respective curriculum.