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Research Institutes and Laboratories

Research Institutes and Laboratories

  1. Seibersdorf Laboratories

    Programme with the list of courses

    Education in Strahlenschutz-Ausbildungen ionisierende Strahlung (Radioaktivität, Röntgen, Beschleuniger) (information only in German)

    Radiation Safety and Applications

    Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf

    The NES is the dedicated company in Austria for radioactive waste management and storage, as well as for decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

  2. The Stefan Meyer Institute (SMI)

    SMI is devoted to basic research in the field of subatomic physics. SMI research focuses on the study of fundamental symmetries and interactions. SMI is specialised in precision spectroscopy of exotic atoms (Atoms that contain another particle - e.g. an antiproton, kaon, muon or pion- in their shell instead of an electron) and exotic meson-nucleus bound states as an integral part of international collaborations at large-scale research facilities including CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), LNF-INFN (Frascati, Italy), J-PARC (Tokai, Japan), GSI (Darmstadt, Germany), and, in the future, FAIR (Darmstadt, Germany). Source

  1. Institute for High Energy Physics (HEPHY)

    The Institute of High Energy Physics studies the fundamental building blocks of matter and the forces that gouvern its interactions. The development of a consistent picture of the microcosm is an essential part on the road to understanding nature. Elementary particle physics in particular helps to improve our comprehension of the universe in its very early state after the Big Bang.

    HEPHY offers PhD and Diploma programmes Source

  1. Doctorate College CoQuS (Complex Quantum Systems) is the network programme of the Vienna University of Technology, University of Vienna and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

    The doctoral programme on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS) offers PhD research and training opportunities in the following fields:

    • Fundamental tests of physics

    • Quantum information concepts and implementations

    • Matter wave interferometry: foundations and applications

    • Quantum technology on the nanoscale

    • Quantum physics in the solid state 

    • Cold quantum gases & atom chips

    • Entanglement of massive particles

    • Hybrid quantum systems

    • Strongly correlated quantum systems    


  2. NIMBUS Institute

    NIMBUS Institute strives for competence especially in nuclear energy, nuclear safety issues, energy technologies and the application of safety and security solutions for critical infrastructure in a complex environment. Source

  3. TRIGA Research Reactor