The ENS Programme Committee

The European Nuclear Society programme committee acts as a task force to reflect on the long term conference strategy of ENS. The members are representatives of the national nuclear societies.

In the internet era, it has been questioned whether conferences are still needed, given the various ‘e-ways’ to stay in touch with the latest scientific developments and evolutions. In addition, internet fora make interaction on these issues possible, both within the scientific society and civil society in general. Nevertheless, it is common sense that face-to-face contact and 'real life' networking cannot be entirely replaced by virtual communication.

Conferences can have an added value as long as they go beyond the one-directional ex-cathedra lecturing style. ENS believes that particularly when it comes to nuclear issues, interactive and more open-style events are needed more than ever.

In this vein, one of the tasks of the ENS PC is to identify new topics that are not immediately 'marketable', and thus not sufficiently covered by national or international initiatives. Suggestion and thoughts in this regard are most welcomed. You may contact the ENS secretariat or write to the ENS Programme Committee chair if you would like to share experiences or ideas on conferences dealing with the peaceful application of nuclear technology and radioactivity issues.

Members of ENS Programme Committee:

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