About ENS

ENS is the largest society for nuclear science, research and industry in Europe. Ever since its foundation in 1975 it has been promoting the advancement of nuclear science, research and engineering to its members, decision makers and the general public.

The Society’s membership includes national nuclear societies from 22 countries in Europe plus Israel. Another crucial component of that membership is the group of about 60 corporate members, representing key stakeholders which are partners for nuclear technology and research in Europe.

A sophisticated communications and networking platform

ENS connects its members with the principle aim of fostering and coordinating their activities on an international level. In relation to this, the society encourages the networking of scientists and engineers between different countries and organises meetings devoted to scientific and technical matters and to the communication on nuclear applications.

A network of people

ENS comprises more than 20,000 professionals from industry, the academic world, research centres and authorities: people who voluntary commit themselves to generate ideas and to take up responsibilities, who have the enthusiasm to get things done and the curiosity to learn from colleagues and from people outside the network

A professional association

The modern face of ENS is that of a dynamic professional association with a clear mission that offers its members a broad range of tailor-made services. It is also an effective transmitter of scientific information to a growing number of people with a stake in the future of nuclear energy.


















11 - 15 March 2018
Munich, Germany


30 September - 04 October 2018
Prague, Czech Republic