European Nuclear Society - the aims

The aims of the European Nuclear Society are to promote and to contribute to the advancement of science and engineering in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy by all suitable means and in particular by:

  • fostering and coordinating the activities of the member organisations

  • encouraging the exchange of scientists and engineers between different countries

  • disseminating information within the nuclear community, to decision-makers and the public

  • sponsoring meetings devoted to scientific and technical matters and to the communication on nuclear applications

  • striving to enhance the operational excellence of the existing power plants, to explain the benefits of and the need for nuclear energy, and to develop the engineering expertise and manufacturing capacity which will be needed in the future

  • fostering engineering education and training

  • cooperating with international governmental and non-governmental organisations and with other organisations having similar aims

  • promoting international standardisation in the nuclear field

  • encouraging the formation of organisations of nuclear scientists and engineers where no such organisations exist

















11 - 15 March 2018
Munich, Germany


30 September - 04 October 2018
Prague, Czech Republic